Vitamins and minerals...

Some argue that nutritional products are unnecessary, a waste of money, unregulated and even potentially harmful.  Others argue that our current food sources are inadequate to supply the same nutrients they did just 100 years ago, and therefore taking vitamins is required for good health.

It's not simple, but we advocate nutrients on a limited basis only from high quality manufacturers.  In the least, it seems reasonable to say that if nutritional supplements are a waste of money, they are a waste in the same manner that unused health insurance is a waste.  It's an err on the side of precaution.

We advise the following supplements for anyone looking to "cover their nutritional bases" in this area.  Click on the underlined text to learn more.

Multiple vitamins (this supplement in a softgel is batch tested to ensure qality)
Omega supplements (this company is the industry standard for medical testing)

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