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Dr. John believes in moving a joint to produce a soft crack.  He tells patients that his profession gained popularity at a time when chiropractors practiced a hands-on approach.  The "old-timers" were actually jailed for practicing chiropractic and yet, against all odds, the profession just kept growing due to results.  In the end, chiropractic won the people's choice award.

While chiropractors use differing techniques in this age,  the bottom line is each practitioner is trying to help the patient in his or her own way.  Dr. John uses the traditional technique that he believes works the best for relief, as do other chiropractors with other methods.

The traditional spinal adjustment at this clinic sounds like a soft crack.  People often ask if it hurts to be cracked?  Be assured, chiropractic clinics would be empty if the spinal adjustment was a painful event. 
Chiropractic Spinal Manipulations