Dr. John's Regimen...

I stretch and exercise daily.  I am currently training for an Olympic Triathalon.  I believe in the motto that exercise is important, but diet is critical.  My wife (a chiropractor too) adjusts my back regularly for peak spinal health.  I eat low carb, high protein, and wholesome foods.  If a machine makes it, I try to avoid it. I shop on the perimeter of grocery stores (think about what's there), not in the isles among the packaged and processed items.  I do not eat bread, pasta, pizza or other common starch foods.  I start each day with a berry smoothie loaded with whey protein, spinach and vitamins.  I do take vitamin supplements.  I do not touch alcohol.  I never use tobacco.  I try to sleep 7-8 hours a night. 

- Dr. John

P.S. For the sake of transparency, I have included my own blood tests for those who want to argue another course of diet or exercise.  If another person / doctor can beat my scores, I am all ears.  See blood test results.

You Can't Trust a Skinny Cook or a Fat Dietician.