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The Paleo Soution.  This book makes the case that it may not be a bad idea to eat the same kind of natural diet that our ancestors have eaten for the past 120,000 years.  Only during the last 5000 years has our dietary habits undergone transformational change due to the agricultural revolution.

Wheat Belly.  This is book evaluates the relationship between wheat products and the "unwanted pounds" so common in our society today.

South Beach Diet.  This book lays out a progam for healthful eating - not a temporary diet.  Patients seems to "get it" after reading this one, which is why it is so enthusiastically recommended.  It seems to enable the reader with an eating plan that is "doable" in our culture.  It discusses good fats versus bad fats, good carbs versus bad carbs, and so on.  Expect improved blood tests.

Life Without Bread.  We know there are many philosophies toward diet, but the days of guesswork are over.  When one can test blood levels to guage the effect of diet, the choice is clear that high protein is simply healthier.  This book is life-changing for many who read it.  A classic in low-carb education.

Health is a symptom of good genes and/or good habits...