This website is an health resource as well as a place to explain my clinic.  If you find a word or phrase underlined and in italics, it is a link to another site that I consider worthy.  That being said, let me
explain my Latrobe chiropractic practice.

After practicing chiropractic for more than 25 years (I am a slow learner), most patients end up calling me "Dr. John" for one reason or another.  Due to this fact, the clinic was named "Dr. John's Chiropractic" as the only natural choice.   

The clinic is known for a relaxed atmosphere, a place where we treat friends.  If you choose to try our services, we will respect you like a member of our family.  That's my promise to you.    Learn more.

- Dr. John
A message from the doctor...

As a chiropractor, I practice natural health and fitness.  Click on the tab above to see the latest.