What I care about most...

I care about providing the most complete "treatment 
experience" on every visit.  I care about giving patients
time and quality (not rushing them through like a herd 
of cattle).  I believe in affordable health care, starting 
with my clinic.  I care about doing everything possible
to help patients feel better as quickly as possible. 
And finally, I care about the growing mass of working
people with no insurance, or who have insurance 
with high deductibles, yet still need chiropractic care.  
I want people who need affordable chiropractic service
to think of us as their home for care.  Last, it is
important to me that when it comes to my own health, I want people to know that I practice what I preach (see my health regimen).

- Dr. John

People don't care what you know... until they know that you care.