Avoiding white flour is universal dietary advice.  And don't kid yourself that whole wheat products are always better; in fact, many whole wheat pastas are mostly white flour products with a touch of wheat for "marketability."  The same goes for breads- real grain breads are alot like chewing on roots.  The bottom line is that most "healthy pastas" are white flour products in disguise.  And dieticians worth their salt advise against fast absorbing carbohydrates in order to avoid an "insulin rush" from pasta in any form.  So what's a pasta lover to do?  

The pasta recommend is one that is low carb, slow absorbing (low glycemic) and which you will not want to spit out immediately upon taste.  In fact, I would say that if you serve this pasta in secret, nobody will know the difference from normal pasta.  Click on the brand below to learn more about this healthier alternative.

Dreamfields Pasta - learn about it here, but you may need to order it online. 

Dreamfields at amazon - don't let the price scare you (many prices are for bulk).

Did you know that Italy was the only major country  that did not translate The Atkins Diet?
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